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Proteros and Merck KGaA Reveal Cryo-EM Structures of CRAF Complexes

In a recent collaboration, Proteros and Merck KGaA published a study in the Journal of Molecular Biology (March 2024), detailing the first cryo-EM structures of CRAF2/14-3-32 and CRAF2/14-3-32/MEK12 complexes. These cryo-EM structures provide detailed insights into the complexes' architecture, including the visualization of the ATP-site inhibitor GDC-0879. The findings enhance our understanding of RAF kinase activation and inhibition, offering potential avenues for the development of targeted cancer therapies. Additionally, this research showcases Proteros' expertise in the purification and cryo-EM analysis of challenging multi-subunit complexes. Dive deeper into the story here.


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