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Celebrating one year of cryoDuck

It’s been exactly one year since cryoDuck B.V. was founded. Reflecting on the past year, I am filled with gratitude for our customers who have truly helped us spread our wings. Starting a business in these turbulent times has only been made possible thanks to companies like Clovertex, Proteros, and MiTeGen. As we continue to fulfill our mission of getting ‘Your cryo-EM ducks in a row’, I’m excited to share some highlights and express my appreciation for each of these remarkable partners.

Proteros midst momentum for Europe and TPD
Proteros and Clovertex both featured in Endpoints News, with the article on Proteros highlighting the critical importance of protein in cryo-EM and the strategic advantages of operating in Europe. Since the publication, global tensions have only escalated, further strengthening the case for gene-to-structure services based in Europe. Meanwhile, the field of targeted protein degradation (TPD) has seen a surge in momentum, driven by cryo-EM's enhanced reliability in resolving complex structures, particularly when you have the protein quality that Proteros can deliver, alongside significant clinical advancements and pharmaceutical deals in the TPD space. Notably, three of the last four 'Clovertex Target of the Month’ selections were TPD targets—ER, AR, and BTK—chosen due to their involvement in FDA fast tracks and major pharmaceutical deals pertinent to degraders.

Clovertex getting cloud right for industry and academia
Clovertex is getting cloud right for both industry and academia. As highlighted in the second Endpoints News article, Clovertex, an AWS partner, stands out for their innovative approach to setting up and maintaining tailored scientific computing environments directly within a customer's AWS environment. This expertise bridges the gap between IT and scientists by providing fully managed IT solutions for cryo-EM, refined over years of collaboration with numerous cryo-EM customers. This approach ensures that cryo-EM scientists in industry always have access to ever-fresh hardware, such as GPU computing, and up-to-date cryo-EM software like Cryosparc and Relion, combined with smart data management that is cost-efficient, environmentally sustainable, and compliant with IT policies. A trend that has emerged over the last few months is the growing adoption of Clovertex-facilitated cloud processing by academic institutions, recognizing the benefits that cloud technologies offer.  Consequently, Clovertex is now set to elevate cryo-EM to new heights by successfully harnessing the power of cloud computing for both industry and academia.

Fostering a community to empower cryo-EM
This commitment to connecting cryo-EM stakeholders across both industry and academia is a cornerstone of cryoDuck's mission. To fulfill this mission, cryoDuck engages in several key initiatives:

  1. Collaboration with academic institutions: We partner with renowned academic entities such as the KEK in Japan. These collaborations are aimed at enhancing the scientific capabilities and research outputs of both parties, ultimately advancing the field of cryo-EM.

  2. Promotion of facility manager exchange: We actively promote the exchange of knowledge and resources between cryo-EM facility managers worldwide. This exchange is crucial for sharing best practices, troubleshooting, and fostering innovations that benefit the entire community.

  3. LinkedIn group - 'Cryo-EM in Pharma and Biotech': This LinkedIn group serves as a dynamic platform for professionals in the field. It has grown to include approximately 1,500 carefully vetted members, who engage in discussions, share insights, and stay updated with the latest trends and developments in cryo-EM.

  4. MiTeGen Hottest Tweets in SBDD: Sponsored by MiTeGen, this curated feed keeps the industry informed about the latest developments in cryo-EM and relevant biotech news. This service ensures that our community members have timely access to innovations and important updates, helping them stay at the forefront of the field.

MiTeGen as agents of sample prep success and throughput
MiTeGen, a key partner mentioned in our initiatives above, excels ‘From buffer to beam’, providing customers with a full suite of products and services essential for preparing, storing, and shipping grids. Their offerings facilitate a seamless, end-to-end process in cryo-EM sample preparation. Additionally, through their partnership with Nanosoft, MiTeGen offers highly cost-effective solutions, including after-market autogrid rings and clipping stations. These products are particularly valued in the industry as they are often available at about half the price of their competitors, significantly reducing the financial barrier for researchers and facilities aiming to be self-sufficient in their cryo-EM operations. This strategic approach not only enhances the overall accessibility and affordability of high-quality cryo-EM studies but is also crucial for keeping pace with the speed demands set by AI-based drug discovery (AI-DD).MiTeGen cryo-EM

AIDD is obviously a major force in biotech right now, with a myriad of approaches being explored within AIDD. It is essential for cryo-EM SBDD to integrate with the new technologies as well as big tech thinking permeating the expanding ecosystem. In this complex and dynamic landscape, cryoDuck is here to play its role.

We’d like to hear from you
Looking back over the past year at cryoDuck B.V., I extend my heartfelt thanks to our invaluable partners, Proteros, Clovertex, and MiTeGen. Their contributions have significantly shaped our journey. If you are curious about how these partnerships can enhance your projects, or if you're seeking advice on careers in the industry, starting a cryo-EM business, or exploring investment opportunities, we warmly invite you to connect with us. At cryoDuck, we are dedicated to fostering collaboration and innovation in cryo-EM, and we welcome discussions that drive our field forward.

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