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Clovertex Target of the Month (04/24): AR

This April's Clovertex Target of the Month is the Androgen Receptor (AR), a critical protein involved in the development and maintenance of male characteristics and reproductive organs. It is also notably implicated in prostate cancer, where it plays a central role by driving the growth and survival of cancer cells. Targeting AR is therefore a strategic focus for new therapies in oncology, particularly for prostate cancer.

The selection of AR as the Target of the Month follows news of an exclusive strategic license agreement between Novartis and Arvinas for ARV-766, an investigational, orally bioavailable second-generation PROTAC androgen receptor degrader. The comprehensive deal also includes Novartis acquiring Arvinas' preclinical AR-V7 program, positioning Novartis to take over the global clinical development and marketing of ARV-766. Arvinas benefits from an upfront payment of $150m and potential milestone payments of up to $1.01bn, in addition to tiered royalties, marking a pivotal advancement in the pursuit of novel prostate cancer treatments.


The featured rendering displays the crystal structure of human androgen receptor ligand binding domain in complex with testosterone(PDB entry 2AM9).  

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