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Clovertex Target of the Month (03/24): CXCR4

This March's Clovertex Target of the Month is CXCR4 following a Regeneron preprint that presents tetrameric forms of CXCR4. CXCR4, a well-documented chemokine receptor, plays pivotal roles in various physiological and pathological processes, including cancer, HIV infection, and immune disorders. It functions by interacting with its ligand, CXCL12, influencing cell migration, hematopoiesis, and angiogenesis. The therapeutic landscape for targeting CXCR4 is rich, underscored by the FDA-approved antagonist AMD3100 for mobilizing hematopoietic stem cells in certain cancers.

A recent preprint by Regeneron, explored through cryoEM the structural dynamics and oligomerization of CXCR4. This study visualizes how CXCR4 forms trimeric and tetrameric assemblies, offering new insights into its activation, signaling, and the nuanced role of oligomerization in GPCR function.


The featured rendering displays the cryo-EM structure of tetrameric CXCR4 in complex with REGN7663 Fab (PDB entry 8U4T).  

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