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MiTeGen Hottest Tweets in SBDD (05/24)

Here are your MiTeGen Hottest Tweets in SBDD: While the AlphaFold 3 release made a big splash with everyone wondering whether our jobs are safe, the CryoSparc 4.5 release added automated selection of 2D and 3D classes, which is vital for automated reconstruction helping to keep cryo-EM relevant.

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AlphaFold My Laundry (phrase stolen from Dr. Caroline Bartman)

About MiTeGen

MiTeGen, founded in 2004 by Cornell University Professor Robert Thorne, is a leading provider of innovative technologies for cryo-EM, crystallography, and other techniques used for probing small molecule and biomolecular structure and function. Our mission is to support researchers in achieving the best possible results throughout the entire process, from sample preparation to data collection.

With a strong emphasis on collaboration, we actively work with academic, government, and industrial researchers in over 40 countries to develop and deliver new tools and methods. Our products have gained recognition and trust within the scientific community, as they have been cited in over 4,500 published research articles. By leveraging concepts and technologies from physics and related fields, we tackle practical challenges faced by our friends and collaborators in the life sciences and other disciplines.

Driven by a passion for cryo cooling, we would like to showcase three of our innovative cryo-EM solutions:

Manual Plunge Cooler and Precision Ethane Cryostat:

Our Manual Plunge Cooler and Precision Cryostat are specifically designed to streamline and optimize your cryo-EM sample vitrification workflow. These systems consist of three components that can be obtained individually or as a complete package, ensuring efficient and successful sample preparation.

Cryo-EM Starter Kits:

Our Cryo-EM starter kits are curated to equip your laboratory with all the necessary tools conveniently packaged together. These kits are ideal for labs aiming to perform basic grid and sample preparation for cryo-EM within their own facility, even on a reduced budget. The kit includes components essential for cryo-EM sample preparation, as well as sample storage and transport solutions.

Cryo-EM AutoGrid Cassette Puck:

Our latest addition, the Cryo-EM AutoGrid Cassette Storage and Shipping puck, builds upon the success of our 2nd generation Cryo-EM Puck. This innovative solution allows users to screen samples on a instrument and seamlessly ship the same AutoGrid cassette puck to a collection facility. It also serves as a convenient storage option for facilities, enabling them to store their cassettes in the puck canes designed to fit into cassette loading stations.

These cryo-EM solutions exemplify our dedication to enhancing cryo cooling capabilities and simplifying workflows in the field of cryo-EM. MiTeGen continues to push the boundaries of innovation, enabling researchers to advance their structural biology studies with greater ease and efficiency.

Contact us at MiTeGen today to arrange a no obligation consultation to learn how we can help you with your research.